An independent organisation, a bridge between France and Poland

The Board of Directors

La French Tech Cracovie is organised by a board of directors, chaired by its president Romain Rebour. The principal missions of the Board are :

  • The establishment of the roadmap and the objectives of the organisation
  • The management of the community’s communication
  • The organisation of events
  • The management of partnerships

Management of partnerships and relations with companies is mainly handled by Julien Hallier in charge of the Community Lead. The objective of his action is to allow each member of our community to become active within it and to benefit from the potential of the French Tech network. In particular, he is in charge of the organisation of advisory committees.

Communication and marketing strategy of our community is under the responsibility of our member Billy Yen. Lars Vrignon is in charge of the coordination of our events.

An independent community

La French Tech Cracovie, although an initiative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is a fully independent organisation operating in complete autonomy. It is managed on a voluntary basis by entrepreneurs located in Poland, and is financed through sponsorship contracts with major French groups established in the country and through the organisation of events that bring value to the member companies of the community.

All the actions carried out by La French Tech Cracovie are the result of the sole will of its own management team. It can also benefit from certain public funding for important projects thanks to a community fund set up by the Business France agency. This fund, dedicated to all French Tech communities worldwide, is accessible by application and is evaluated by a team responsible for analyzing the importance of each project submitted.

La French Tech Cracovie also cooperates intensively with other French Tech communities in Europe. The objective of these cooperations is to develop a large number of synergies to the benefit of the networks of each local community.

Among the French institutions present in Poland and accompanying La French Tech Cracovie in its missions are :

    • The French Embassy
    • Business France
    • CCI France Poland
    • Consulate General in Krakow
    • Union des Français de l’Etranger – UFE
    • Permanent Office of the Deputy for French Citizens Abroad – Central Europe and the Balkans
La French Tech Cracovie also works closely with other French Tech communities in Europe.