Our mission

We create bridges between French and Polish makers

Creating synergies between French and Polish ecosystems

France benefits from an important network of scientific and economic actors devoted to innovation. Start-ups, research centers, and large companies work all together to foster technological progress, unleash the creativity of everyone, and enhance our quality of life.

Aware of its key role in innovation in Europe, France wishes to integrate other European ecosystems in its dynamic for the benefit of our entire continent. Poland, thanks to the richness, talent and energy of its tech community, is at the heart of the concerns of French players.

We, la French Tech Cracovie, strive to help the French and Polish actors to know each other better, to enable each of them to express and develop their potential through new collaboration opportunities and to pave the way for the development of transnational projects.

Developing our community

La French Tech Cracovie is developing a unique ecosystem bringing together the French and Polish Tech ecosystems. Our team of entrepreneurs and experts connects and creates business bridges between start-ups but also with investors, decision makers, community builders through our events and collaborations!