Great connections lead to great projects. Join our network of passionate and professional people and partake in its dynamism.


The involvement of many different French and Polish public and private entities in our community, with a wide range of different activities, allows the development of significant synergies for the benefit of all of our members.

La French Tech Cracovie team is very aware of the challenges faced by its French and Polish members. It helps them to establish new collaborations and meet their respective needs thanks to the strength of the network.



La French Tech Cracovie does not only include existing companies and institutions.  It is first and foremost made up of people that are passionate about these matters and committed to making this sector progress. They are the core of the dynamism of the Tech sector and are shaping the future of our societies. Without them, there would be no entrepreneurial projects and no people to make them a reality.

Our team is fully invested in the defense of the entrepreneurial spirit and the support of new projects. Made of entrepreneurs and tech specialists who are willing to share their experiences and strengthened by partnerships with major players interested in promoting and boosting projects, we help project leaders to reach the right interlocutors and enable them to succeed.